Plympton Police Department

Plympton, Massachusetts

Committed to the Community



The Plympton Police Department patrols a rural community of approximately 3,000 residents. Slow but sure growth has been accelerated in recent years by the introduction of a high speed commuter railway which transects North Plympton bringing daily commuters to and from the city of Boston. With this continued growth the need for police services has increased in recent years.


The Plympton Police Department embraces the community policing philosophy. The Department hosts an annual Night Out event, maintains a long standing dedication to the DARE program at our elementary school and in recent years has formed a local TRIAD program to support Plympton seniors. The Department is constantly on the look out for new programs that will further advance our commitment to this community.


Geographically, secondary Routes 58 and 106 pass through town along with Route 44 which is a limited access highway. The presence of these major roadways provides for an unusually high volume of traffic for our rural community. Because of that Plympton Police place a high emphasis on traffic safety and traffic enforcement.


In response to the events of September 11, 2001 the department has joined in several regional police collaboratives for the purpose of public safety preparedness. Most notably, the department is a member agency to the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council and the Old Colony Special Operations Group, which are law enforcement resource and intelligence sharing organizations comprising over thirty police departments in the South Coast and South Shore regions of Massachusetts.


Plympton public safety continues to maintain a special relationship with the public safety departments in neighboring Halifax Massachusetts. The two communities have formalized these ties by jointly conducting  emergency planning and training.


Our residents can rest assured that their small town police force is at the cutting edge of technology, training and preparedness.

Mission Statement


To preserve and protect the way of life in Plympton by participating, sharing and listening to our community.


To earn the respect of all individuals by maintaining a knowledgeable, responsive, well-trained and accountable work force that discharges their duties and responsibilities with evidence of fairness, tolerance and equality.


To make our streets as safe as possible my maintaining a high profile traffic enforcement program.


To reduce the opportunity for the commission of crime by implementing effective crime prevention strategies, fully investigate crimes when they occur and to expeditiously apprehend criminal offenders.


To engage regionally and nationally in collaborations to ensure that our officers have the knowledge, equipment, skills and proven best practices to provide our rural community with the finest policing services possible.


To identify, address and resolve the root causes of community problems and concerns in concert with citizen groups and representatives through the use of community oriented policing and problem solving strategies.

Values Statement


The organizational values of the Plympton Police Department shall form the foundation for all departmental activities and



These values are:

  • Enforcement of the law equally and fairly.


  • Treatment of every individual with civility, courtesy, sensitivity, and respect.


  • Conducting our duties with unwavering integrity.


  • Provide quality in all that we do.


  • Listen carefully and to act on what we hear.


  • Respect stability and embrace change, keeping what works and changing what could work better.


  • Value diversity.


  • Discharge faithfully our role as guardians of the public trust.


  • Act with this thought in mind: to the citizens of Plympton, we are the government.