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Plympton, Massachusetts

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Paul Harvey on Police Officers


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Safety Survey


Ensuring the safety and security of our citizens is the Plympton Police Department’s top

priority. To help you "be on the safe side", we have compiled a list of personal safety



The Plympton Police Department encourages you to take these precautions to help

keep you safe. Your personal safety is of paramount importance to our dedicated police



Safety begins at home, but few of us provide our families with more security than

locked doors and windows. For example, do you know if you have removable hinge pins

on the outside of your doors?


What size wood screw is recommended to reinforce the strike plate on your exterior



If it sounds a bit involved - it should. The safety of your family may be compromised,

but a Home Security Survey could provide you, your family, and your valuables with an

appropriate level of protection to reduce the odds of burglary and theft.


The Survey is simple, it's free, and can be done at your convenience. Officers perform a

detailed security analysis of your home and provide you with a list of recommendations.

An integral part of the survey is an assessment of your personal safety habits while in

the home or in your yard.


Take advantage of this free service, call 781-585-3339 and leave a message to make an

appointment or Email Officer Glenn Lindsey at i
f you

would like more information on Home Security Surveys.